Making a Backgammon Board


Delivering a high-quality bespoke service for all our clients

Although our boards all feature our core design, the colours and personal features of each board are designed by the people that really matter – our customers. The process of designing a board is all in the detail. From materials and colours to sizes and layouts, our design consultation stage is an integral part of delivering the perfect backgammon board for each customer.

Deciding on a board that suits you best 

Some of the first things customers need to think about when deciding on a board is how I will play and where will I play. For instance, do you require the ability to travel with the board? Will you use it for competitions? Or will your impressive board be a statement piece on show in your home for friends and guests to see and admire? Or perhaps you need a board that allows you to do all of these things?

Next you should consider what kind of outer surface you want for your board. Do you like the soft feel of the classic leather, or do you prefer the more natural, sleek, textured feel of wood? We work with a range of woods, from the classic English oak to the exotic, vibrant zebrano.

Once you’ve decided on the outer surface, you should think about the finer points of the design. What detailing do you want? Would you like something that contrasts with the main material, or something a little subtler? Do you want brass or wood checkers? 

Also, think about how you would like your board hardware to look. Will the locks and hinges be in classic brass or a more contemporary nickel finish? Are you looking for a customised logo or an initial being added to the playing service or dice?

All of these desires can be accomodated and Guy will be on hand to support you through this phase, ensuring you make the right choices for your board that suits you best.


Our prices

Based on specifications we will develop a bespoke price for your custom luxury backgammon board. 


Show stopping colours that bring your board to life

Choosing the best colours will always be a huge part of the design process. We offer a colour consultation service with our qualified colour technicians, Moo. Moo will work with you to find the right accent colours for your board. Whether it’s a show stopping five colour board you choose, or a simpler three colour way design, Moo will work with you to ensure the colours match your board’s personality. So whether it’s a traditional, statement, contemporary, or muted palette you’re after, Moo will ensure the process of matching colours to your requirements, is as enjoyable and seamless as possible. With over 113 colours to choose from, we are confident we can produce a great match every time.


Let the build commence

The turnaround time for our boards varies, depending on the specification, but they can be completed in less than two months, with times ranging from four to eight weeks. We love what we do and are so proud of our work that we are happy to share with you photos of your board’s build at each and every stage.  


Delivered to your door

When your board has passed our quality assurance process, it is ready for you to receive. We offer an insured and signed DHL delivery service to worldwide destinations. Or, if you are more local, you can collect the board in person. We are always keen to meet our customers, see their reactions when their new board is revealed  – and maybe even share your first game experience on your new board.