oak Backgammon Board

Board comes in 3 sizes – Classic, Tournament, Competition
Classic – Closed 500mm, 330mm, 64mm, Open – 500mm, 660mm, 32mm
Tournament – Closed 592mm, 350mm, 68mm, Open 591mm, 700mm, 34mm
Competition – Closed 644mm, 383mm, 80mm, Open 644mm, 766mm, 40mm

Outer case
Oak outer, crown cut where possible with beautiful decorative figuring.
Oak walls
Stringing round the top & bottom – Either Ebony, Box Wood, Brass
Exterior Detailing
Brass case latches – Brass or Nickel
Brass or Nickel hinges

Inner case
Detailing on the mid points of the backgammon pips upon the top of the case walls.
Chamfered Mitred Oak Inner walls
Hot foil logo – Can be personalised
Checker housing / Bear off areas
Shaker housing
Doubling cube housing

Playing Surface
Inlaid Calf skin leather in three colours from a range of 113 colours
Fast playing surface for speedy play

Classic – 38mm, Tournament – 45mm, Competition – 50mm
Options – Oak, Brass, Acrylic
Individually turned Checkers, weighted to perfection.
Curved edges with a flat surface with Inlaid leather.
Leather calf skin in additional contrasting colours

Classic – 38mm, Tournament – 45mm, Competition 50mm
Turned from a combination of Oak, Ebony, Brass, Box Wood
Trip / Cheat lips
Inner leather lining

Doubling Cube
Classic – 38mm, Tournament – 45mm, Competition – 50mm
Nickel or Brass plated rounded cornered cube
Inlaid gold or silver heat embossed doubling numbers and logo
Can be personalised

Precision dice 13mm, 14mm, 16mm

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